Statistically, almost every other adult has problems with the digestive system. The digestive system plays a very important role in our body. A healthy digestive system is the basis for the health of the whole organism. Even if you take care of yourself from the outside, this is what happens in the gut has a fundamental impact on how you feel. A balanced diet and proper nutrition is essential. However, this is not always sufficient. To optimize the digestive system, you need an effective strategy that will maintain and improve what is beneficial and eliminate what is unnecessary or harmful.

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What can we do to ensure that the digestive system efficiently absorbs the nutrients, improves immunity and body condition?

Digestive+++ was prepared specifically to improve the health of the digestive system. It contains stable probiotics, prebiotics and a special composition of enzymes. Digestive+++ improves the condition of the intestines, helps improve digestion, improves absorption of nutrients. Ensures that components supplied to your body will be fully used.

Probiotic used in the preparation is in the best form, to ensure its survival and getting to the right place. This allows for safe passage through the stomach and reach the large intestine. Probiotic helps to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and has a beneficial effect on the large intestine.

The composition of prebiotics is designed to protect probiotic and let it get to destination. Prebiotics also create favorable conditions for the functioning of probiotics. This combination is available only in a few dietary supplements.

The effect of Digestive+++ is the regulation of digestion, elimination of feelings of severe stomach and elimination of flatulence.

Enzymes begin their activity in the small intestine. Their job is very important. Enzymes assure that all the nutrients delivered to the stomach will be optimally absorbed. This also applies to the amino acids and other ingredients of Laminine. When applying Laminine in combination with Digestive+++, the effect is much better. It also improves the absorption of the ingredients supplied from the daily diet. Everything your body needs is perfectly absorbed.

Digestive+++ is a complete dietary supplement for improving the health of the digestive system.

Digestive+++ uses a strain of probiotic called Bacillus Coagulans. In addition to assisting in the treatment of various disorders of the digestive system, it also has the properties of stimulating the immune system. Studies have shown that the regular intake can strengthen the immune system in the fight against different strains of influenza.


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