Is omega 3 supplementation healthy?

A healthy diet should contain two groups of essential fatty acids: omega 3 and omega 6. For the proper functioning of the body we need both, however, in the Western diet there is a tendency for high consumption of omega 6 fatty acids, while the consumption of essential omega 3 fatty acids is usually reduced . Is it necessary to take omega 3 dietary supplements? Read more

Omega 3 and omega 6 for healthy eyes

Signals from the eye to the brain are transmitted through the optic nerve, which is located behind the retina of the eye. The quality of vision depends on the condition of the optic nerve. Nerve fibers consist of huge, elongated cells whose membranes are made of essential fatty acids. Eye health is very much dependent on whether we provide adequate fats in our diet. Read more

Dietary supplements in depression

Depression does not allow for work, disturbs the sleep rhythm, impairs proper nutrition, complicates interpersonal relationships, takes away the joy of life. Some people experience clinical depression only once in their lives, while others may have symptoms several times a year. Depression seems to pass from generation to generation, but it also affects people in whom the family was not previously diagnosed. Read more