Laminine dosage

Correct dosage of medicines and dietary supplements is very important. Understated dose will not have the expected positive results and will not have medicinal properties. Too much can cause unwanted side effects and harm instead of help. Laminine does not side effects, however, undercutting daily dosage is pointless and will not bring spectacular results, as widely reported on the Internet.

Below we publish a table presenting suggested the number of capsules you take per day, depending on the condition and progress of the disease.

DiseaseModerate discomfortAdvanced symptoms
Anti aging as an antioxidant1-23-4
Anxiety, insomnia1-34-5
Fears, depression2-34-5
Kidney disease, dialysis, urinary tract infection1-34-6
Loss of appetite, loss of hearing2-34-6
Liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver2-34-6
Arthritis, gout, rheumatism2-34-5
Lung diseases, tuberculosis2-34-6
Weakness of concentration, chronic fatigue syndrome2-34-6
Malnutrition, malabsorption1-23-4
Leukemia, restoration of blood2-34-6
For improving memory1-23-4
Cleansing the body, detoxification2-34-5
Symptoms of menopause2-34-5
Cancers, different types4-89-15
Overweight, obesity2-34-5
Elevated cholesterol2-34-6
Osteoporosis, bone problems2-34-5
Chronic cough, asthma2-34-5
Periodontal problems2-34-5
Cramps, muscle aches1-34-5
During pregnancy and breastfeeding1-34-5
Tetanus, dengue2-34-6
Premenstrual syndrome2-34-5
Diabetes, Hyperglycemia1-34-6
Prostate problems2-34-6
Food allergies, different types1-34-5
Psoriasis, acne, skin wounds2-34-6
Indigestion, stomach ulcers2-34-5
Recovery after surgery2-34-6
Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease2-34-6
Regeneration of vitality and energy in the body2-34-5
Eye disease2-34-5
Sexual dysfunctions2-34-5
Fatigue, stress, lack of energy1-24-5
Sinusitis, tonsillitis1-34-5
The common cold, hypothermia, fever, flu1-34-5
Skin problems1-23-4
Goitre, throat, thyroid disease2-34-6
Cerebral palsy2-34-6
Headaches and dizziness1-23-4
Tumor, swelling (of the brain)2-34-5
Heart disease, hypertension1-34-5
Viral infections (HIV, flu)2-34-5
Hemorrhoids, constipation2-34-5
The weakening of the immune system1-34-5
Infertility (poor semen quality)1-34-6

Laminine® treatment should last at least 2-4 months. If the disease is advanced, recovery will take longer. After achieving well-being, you can reduce the dose to the minimum, that keeps the body healthy.

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