Does LAMININE® contain a protein called laminin?

Laminin is a protein with a molecular weight of approx. 850 kDa, which belongs to the group of glycoproteins. This type of protein is the main component of the basal membrane and – according to scientists – plays a significant role in the interaction of epithelial and endothelial cells with other components of this membrane. Laminin is an essential substance that connects all cells into one body. Does the LAMININE dietary supplement produced by LifePharm contain laminin? Read more

Herbs better than medications for hair loss?

The use of herbs has obvious advantages because the herbs support the natural mechanisms of regeneration of the body. Herbs work for the cause of the problem, and not just mask the symptoms, as is the case with most medications. However, it would be inappropriate to present herbal treatments for hair loss as a wonderful solution for all suffering. Read more

Controversial acai berries

It has been loud about acai berries for a long time. This Brazilian fruit from Amazon can be bought in almost every store around the world. Açai berries are famous for alleged health properties that are widely promoted by those who favor mass consumption of this fruit. The fact is that acai berries are the basis of the diet of the inhabitants of the Amazon jungle. Are they also an indispensable component of the diet for residents of more civilized regions? Read more