Dietary supplements in depression

Depression does not allow for work, disturbs the sleep rhythm, impairs proper nutrition, complicates interpersonal relationships, takes away the joy of life. Some people experience clinical depression only once in their lives, while others may have symptoms several times a year. Depression seems to pass from generation to generation, but it also affects people in whom the family was not previously diagnosed.

Clinical depression

There is nothing wrong in experiencing sadness or depression, but when you feel depression symptoms for most of the day and you lose interest in everyday activities, like talking to friends – then the situation is serious. Symptoms of clinical depression are: lack of motivation and energy; feelings of guilt and worthlessness; difficulties in concentration and making simple decisions; lack of sleep or excessive drowsiness; repetitive suicidal thoughts; weight loss or weight gain.

Chronic depression, dysthymia

Dysthymia is the most common form of depression. The incidence of its occurrence is estimated at 3-5% of the population, the majority of patients are women. Dysthymia is defined as a condition of mild depression, the symptoms of which may persist for a longer period of time, over the years. Symptoms are chronic, but there may be several-day periods when symptoms subside. The causes of the disease are not clearly defined. The symptoms of dysthymia are: chronic fatigue; low self-esteem; sense of hopelessness; appetite disorders; sleep disorders; problems with concentration.

Alternative treatments for depression

A visit to a psychiatrist can help, however, statistics show that family counseling is more effective in the case of depression. Also, medications and medications can help, but only temporarily, because as a rule it is not possible to stop them without relapse.

Pharmaceutical treatment is the most common method of combating depression, but it is not a long-term solution. Cognitive therapy gives much better results because it allows the patient to correct false beliefs that may result in negative behaviors. Even better results are provided by this type of therapy combined with the use of antidepressant dietary supplements like Laminine. Laminine activates natural defenses and can be helpful in the treatment of depression.

Recommended dosage

The combination of Laminine Omega+++ and Laminine gives the best results in diseases associated with depression. If you suffer from stress or depression, it is recommended that you take 1 capsule half an hour before breakfast and 2 capsules before bedtime. If the next day promises a situation that raises fears of depression, you can take a minimum of 2 Laminine capsules before breakfast. It will supplement the level of cortisol and serotonin to a state that allows you to maintain balance and at the same time will be an “injection” of energy for the whole day. By using Laminine as an anti-depressant, you do not swallow artificial chemical substances, but you provide an exceptionally rich “food”. By the way, Laminine positively affects the quality of the skin, improves sleep and self-esteem.

For people with clinical depression, at least 4 capsules a day are recommended. This also applies to mental problems, manic depression and psychosis. Remember that Laminine can not be overdosed. If the patient is on medication, a 2-hour interval between tablets and Laminine (before and after) is recommended. The only contraindication to the use of Laminine is allergy to eggs.

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