There is no cure for cellulite

This is indeed true. Cellulite is not a disease and every doctor will confirm it. However, cellulite can be easily eliminated without medication. It’s just an excess of fat that we considered a cosmetic defect. Not all women have cellulite. Of course, all women have fat, but cellulite affects about 70% of the population. Why are some women without cellulite? And is there really no cure for cellulite?

The truth about cellulite is extremely simple. Just take care of your body. There are three factors to focus on:

  • A diet rich in macronutrients will maintain the ideal body weight.
  • At least one hour of physical activity a day will help maintain proper blood circulation, strengthen and elastic skin.
  • Strength training will increase muscle volume, improve fat metabolism and strengthen structural support for the subcutaneous fat layer.

Most doctors say that “the diet has no effect on whether the woman has cellulite or not.” What’s more, according to them, “changing the diet from high-fat to low-fat does not cause the disappearance of cellulite”. So how do you explain the fact that women who use a reasonable diet and a proper exercise program do not have cellulite?

How to eat to eliminate cellulite?

Do not eat too much. Eat meals at regular times. Eliminate worthless and heavily processed products from your diet. Take the last meal a few hours before bedtime. Get to bed early enough to get enough sleep until dawn.

How to exercise to get rid of cellulite

If you want to get rid of cellulite, you need to train for at least 45 to 60 minutes without interruption for the body to switch to fat burning mode. Training does not have to be very tiring. A quick walk or bike ride is enough. A good indicator of the correct load during the walk is a tingling sensation on the thighs.

Consistent eating habits, aerobic exercises and strength training effectively eliminate cellulite. These three elements, used in parallel, reduce excess fat and tone the skin. Changing your lifestyle and getting used to new habits does not come easily. But the choice is yours. If you’re happy with your cellulite, then you do not have to change anything. If you want to change your life, try the described method, it gives visible results in a few months of regular use.

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