You will not lose weight if you make these mistakes

There are many weight loss diets that you tried to use, and you weigh the same amount all the time? There is nothing strange about it. Does the method that helped the neighbor have to help you too? Certainly no way to lose weight will be effective if you break the basic rules.

I want to get rid of fat quickly, so I train very intensively. Do not do this! Training accelerates weight loss, but must be combined with other activities and can not be too intense. More important than training is finding the meaning of life. The meaning of life can be everything that gives you pleasure and what you get satisfaction from. The meaning of life can not be eating.

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Stress and weight gain are not related to each other. It’s not true! During stress, our body secretes cortisol, a hormone that activates fat storage. Stress is a situation in which the body has more important things than digesting food, which is why what we eat under stress, turns into fat.

Skipping meals is a good way to lose weight. Wrong! In this way, you will achieve a slower metabolism. You may also tend to eat excessively during other meals during the day.

I need to reduce the amount of calories to lose weight faster. Do not do this! Cutting the calories is only necessary if you drastically overeat. However, if you eat proportionally, cutting the calories will not bring any benefits, and in addition, it may disrupt the metabolism.

Weight gain is genetically determined. Nonsense! The fact is that obese parents tend to raise obese children. But this only proves that parents gave their children their eating habits and accustomed their children to overeating. For example, if you were brought up in a home where you eat a lot of fried foods, then this food is tasty and natural for you. Remember, however, that at any time you can decide to change.

Healthy eating is too difficult. It’s not true! As difficult, you define what you have not done before and what it seems to you that you can not do. Do not divide activities into those you can do and those you can not do! It is better to divide activities into what you have done and for those you have not done before. You can do everything you decide. Until now, as the best for you, you have taken unhealthy nutrition. Now you can change it if you choose.

I have to give up my favorite dishes to lose weight. Never! What would the world look like without chocolate, without ice cream and without a pizza? You can definitely eat your favorite dishes. The key to success is moderation and balance. Do not give up your favorite dishes. Eat it with moderation to have a place in the stomach also for other flavors.

I gain weight because I feel hunger all the time. Could it be? In today’s commercialized times, you reach for food for a variety of reasons: time for food, boredom, for companionship, stress, loneliness, depression, anxiety. However, you almost never reach for food because you are hungry. Food can be a deceptive way to meet your needs that you do not naturally satisfy. Hunger is not the cause of overeating!

It’s too late, I’m too fat. If you really have such thoughts, it’s only a sign of losing hope! But remember that no venture was created in one move. The only effective method is the way of small steps. When you decide to visit a friend, it’s enough to get up and change your legs, and you will definitely get to him. It’s the same with slimming. The decision is the most important. And then, every next step brings you closer to success. Do not demand too much from yourself to avoid disappointment. Enjoy small successes!

The source of your success is your thoughts, just as your thoughts were previously a source of failure. Now you can forget about everything that was before. Think that you were born in the moment that is now going on, because in reality you are always starting a new life in every moment!

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