Does interval training burn fat?

Applying only one technique, you can simultaneously slim down, burn fat and shorten training time. To effectively burn body fat and improve the condition of the cardiovascular system, professional trainers recommend interval training, which consists in repeating intensive training lasting 1-2 minutes, followed by a minute of calm movement. This type of interval training turned out to be very effective in burning fat compared to other types of exercise.

Interval training can be incorporated into any type of sports activity to enhance the fat burning effect. If you like to run, do it as follows: fast running pace for two minutes, then a minute slow jog – and repeat this 3-minute cycle 4-5 times. The loss of body fat will be much greater than when you are running at a regular rate.

The total duration of the interval training should not exceed 20 minutes. Therefore, using the 3 + 1 minute scheme, perform a maximum of four to five cycles to get maximum results. When you lead an intense lifestyle and have little free time, then you will particularly appreciate the efficiency and effectiveness of interval training. Instead of 1 hour of time spent on traditional gym training, 15-20 minutes of intensive training in a 3 + 1 minute cycle will suffice. The basic feature of interval training is effectiveness and that is why every person who wants to burn body fat should put interval training in their training plan.

Of course, interval training is not the only component of an effective fat burning plan. Diet control is just as important. All the best workouts in the world are not useful if you do not control the amount of calories consumed. Specialists recommend reducing the total calorie consumption by 25-35%. According to the researchers, average active women consume about 2,000 kcal per day. A reduction of 25% reduces calorie intake to about 1500 kcal per day. Men on average burn 2500 kcal per day. To burn fat and keep muscles, reduce caloric intake to 2000. You must remember not to reduce the amount of calories too much, because then you burn more muscle than fat. Excess body fat is detrimental to overall health. When you burn more muscle than fat, you will not achieve a slim and athletic figure. Our goal is to burn fat while maintaining muscle mass.

How to control the amount of fat burned?

The best way to control your weight is to use a bathroom scale. Unfortunately, an ordinary bathroom scale will be useless. When you measure the weight of the whole body, you do not know how much muscle, how much for fat and how much for water. Buy a weight measuring device that allows you to monitor the percentage of fat. Men should get 18% or less body fat, and women should strive for 31% or less of their body fat.

Interval training is the easiest to use in the following way:

  • cycling
  • boxing
  • running
  • a quick walk
  • training on an elliptical machine
  • treadmill training

Combining interval training with a good diet plan is the perfect way to burn body fat.

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