What determines the level of sugar in the blood?

Metabolism of glucose is different in different people. In this article, we will list the most important factors that determine the individual glucose metabolism.

  • One of the basic factors changing the glucose metabolism is physical activity. A person exercising a regular physical exercise has more muscle mass than a person leading a sedentary lifestyle. A more muscular person absorbs and stores more sugar in muscle cells, which is used during intense exercise. More active people metabolize glucose better.
  • Differences in the ability to metabolize glucose are also a consequence of the individual physical characteristics of each person. This applies to the overall body size, hip circumference and waistline, height, body mass index and bone structure. All these factors determine the specific needs of the body for glucose and glucose metabolism.
  • Every person’s intestine has a unique composition of the intestinal flora. The ability to metabolize sugar requires the presence of specific bacteria in the digestive system. Therefore, some people can metabolize sugar more easily than others.
  • The level of sugar in the blood after eating a meal depends on the genetic predisposition.
  • People who have low insulin sensitivity require more insulin to process glucose. In order to maintain normal blood glucose levels, it is sometimes necessary to administer insulin injections.
  • The level of sugar in the blood is dependent on the functioning of the pancreas, which can produce a different amount of hormones in different people.
  • The glucose metabolism is influenced by lifestyle – the level of physical activity, type of work, stress.
  • Important factors affecting the level of glucose in the blood are overweight and obesity. A person with overweight stores and absorbs sugar and fat in a completely different way than a slim person.

Laminine supplementation can help maintain normal blood sugar levels.

According to information on the effect of Laminine on blood sugar levels, which were published in 2016 by the pdr.net portal – a study was conducted that showed that patients taking one Laminine capsule every morning and evening (for six months), led the level of sugar in the blood to the correct range.

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