Migraine – to treat or prevent?

Is it possible to cure migraine? Researchers have done thousands of tests to find a cure for migraine. There are a lot of articles where you can find valuable tips, but no drug was invented. The only way to avoid migraine is to effectively prevent it. To prevent migraines, the true cause of migraine should be diagnosed.

The only cause of migraine headaches is the excess of toxins in the body. Migraine is a symptom of poisoning the body. Everyone knows that drinking more alcohol results in headache and malaise. Very similar effects can also be caused by other products consumed on a daily basis. Migraine is a symptom of overloading the liver, which is not sick, but simply has too little efficiency to detoxify the body. The most common toxins we encounter everyday are, for example, alcohol, caffeine, drugs and chemicals. Toxins are also chemical compounds naturally produced by the body that have not been removed from the body in time. Toxins can even be foods if the digestive tract can not digest them properly: preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors.

If it’s really toxins that slow down liver function and lead to migraines, the way to get rid of migraine is easy.

You can believe in this theory or not. However, if you are trying unsuccessfully to get rid of your headache, I advise you to control what you eat every day, what cosmetics you use and what air you breathe. You will quickly notice that the frequency of the onset of migraine will drop. First eliminate the products of heavily processed, sweetened and carbonated drinks and alcohol from the diet. You will feel better in a few days. Observe your reactions to food and the environment. In this way, learn what overloads your liver – and eliminate these factors.

Liver performance can be checked by performing laboratory tests. If you suffer from migraines and tests show liver weakness, then you can be sure that you have found the cause of the headache. The first test is a functional liver test, which allows you to determine how long the body breaks down various chemical compounds. The second test involves scanning the genome. People with migraine may have a genetic defect that manifests as impaired liver function.

For full detoxification, the liver needs about 8 weeks of reduced load and nutritional support. Within 3 weeks, migraines should definitely decrease. It may turn out that you will notice an increase in symptoms during the first and second week. This is normal because the body rapidly switches to cleaning mode.

A change in lifestyle effectively prevents migraines. The more you reduce the supply of toxins to your body, the more chance you have of success.

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