Three easy rules for effective muscle building

Most people think that building muscle mass is very difficult. However, bodybuilding masters say that in building muscles no magical means or secret ways are used. Every bodybuilder who now has global successes was a small, shy boy on his first training. Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger known around the world? What is the recipe for success? Read more

Does interval training burn fat?

Applying only one technique, you can simultaneously slim down, burn fat and shorten training time. To effectively burn body fat and improve the condition of the cardiovascular system, professional trainers recommend interval training, which consists in repeating intensive training lasting 1-2 minutes, followed by a minute of calm movement. This type of interval training turned out to be very effective in burning fat compared to other types of exercise. Read more

Soybeans for health

Soy is very popular and available in many forms. In addition to grains, almost every store is available soy flour, miso, tofu and many other forms of processed soy. It is a great source of valuable protein, which contains eight essential amino acids, which the body can not synthesize alone. Soy is also easy to grow in a home garden or field. Fresh, personally bred and harvested soy is an even more rich source of protein and nutrients. Read more

Supplements to build muscle mass

Dietary supplements are very convenient for bodybuilders because they increase muscle mass building and accelerate regeneration after training. However, if you think that taking pills will make you a bodybuilder, you are wrong. The most important is proper training and proper nutrition. After all, there were no supplements so long ago, and bodybuilders had their bodies carved the same as today. So what are the benefits of using supplements in bodybuilding? Read more

How to quit smoking without gaining weight

Not everyone gains weight after giving up smoking, but in most cases overweight appears. Weight gain is especially true for those who smoke a large amount of cigarettes (a packet or more per day) or for many years (10 to 20 years). One of the reasons for weight gain is water retention, but in this case you do not have to worry because the body will recover after a few weeks. How to avoid putting on weight after quitting cigarettes? Read more

What are the causes of hair loss?

Before you start baldness treatment, first find out what caused your hair loss. Only the correct diagnosis of the cause of hair loss will allow the use of an appropriate solution. If you do not have a diagnosis, at best you will lose money for inappropriate therapies, in the worst case you will risk your health. So what are the likely causes of hair loss? Read more

How to choose an effective eyelash growth stimulator?

For some women, nature has made life easier and gave them beautiful, long and thick eyelashes. Long eyelashes perfectly cover the eyes and improve the look. Short and thin eyelashes age the face and make the eyes look sad and unattractive. What are your eyelashes? Do you like to look in the mirror and admire the remnants of hair that remained in the place where beautiful eyelashes were once? Or do you miss the long and thick eyelashes you see at movie stars or your friends? Every woman is looking for good products that stimulate the growth of eyelashes, and eyelash serum is one of the most important cosmetics that can restore beauty to your eyelashes. Read more