Dietary supplements for the treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that involves disturbing the life cycle of skin cells. Conventional medicine recognizes psoriasis as an incurable disease and therefore offers only measures to alleviate the external symptoms of this disease. However, therapists using a holistic approach to health believe that psoriasis can be cured using natural substances and leading a healthy lifestyle. How to cure psoriasis in a natural way?

The real cause of psoriasis is the malfunctioning of the immune system. By concentrating attention on the causes and introducing appropriate changes in the way of nutrition and lifestyle, it is possible to eliminate the source of the problem and get rid of symptoms.

Symptoms of psoriasis.

  • Red, hot and convex spots on the skin, covered with thick flakes of flaky skin.
  • Dehydrated skin areas that break or bleed.
  • Itching, burning and pain in the area of ​​spots on the skin.
  • Swollen and painful joints.

Psoriasis symptoms may appear and disappear, go into remission, and then develop. In extreme cases, psoriasis can cause significant difficulties in everyday life. The use of creams and corticosteroid ointments can reduce skin inflammation and itching and brings temporary relief. However, corticosteroids further degrade the functioning of the immune system and aggravate the problem instead of solving it.

Dietary supplements that eliminate the causes of psoriasis.

The basic remedy is a proper diet and lifestyle change, which we have written about in other articles. An additional element may be dietary supplements, understood as condensed doses of natural substances, which accelerate the restoration of the proper functioning of the immune system. Dietary supplements are not a necessary part of the treatment, but they allow quick delivery of high doses of certain substances, which would take a lot more time as part of the meals consumed. In the case of autoimmune diseases (including psoriasis), you should concentrate on the following dietary supplements:

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