In today’s world we are exposed to viruses, bacteria and stress. You probably think that you are doing everything possible to protect against threats. You follow a proper diet and physical activity, but it is not enough.

Healthy appearance is not always indicative of the fact that inside everything is fine. Think of your body as a farm. The fence is your immune system. It was designed to protect, but sometimes it is too weak. You need a solid wall to protect your health from external threats. Immune+++ perfectly fulfills this task. This is a unique shield to protect the body.

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Immune+++ consists of polysaccharides obtained from plants and fungi. Research has shown that Immune+++ perfectly enhances immunity and helps to eliminate bacteria and viruses. The immune system of your body is boosted by a fungus Reishi, Maitake and Turkey Tail. They eliminate most of the threats and provide the body with tools to build a strong line of defense.

Another component of Immune+++ is Life-C. It is a commonly encountered vitamin C, but enriched with a mechanism that allows for quicker absorption and longer keeping it in the body. In addition, Immune+++ comprises a composition of herbs and fruits: camu camu, acerola, ashwagandha, sea buckthorn and pomegranate. It’s a real vitamin bomb that strengthens the effects of vitamin C and protects against infections.

Immune+++ supports the natural defenses of the body to avoid weakness and infection. In the case of existing infections, the product will accelerate recovery by providing the needed components. It is a special form of dragees that launches components at the appropriate place of the gastrointestinal tract.


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