Current Laminine price in 2018

The price range of the Laminine purchase is very wide. You can choose from several places where the online sale of Laminine is offered: LifePharm, eBay, Amazon. It is logical that the best source should be the official online store of the manufacturer of this supplement, i.e. LifePharm. However, as you can see for yourself, the lowest price of Laminine is offered on online auction and advertising websites. Is buying Laminine outside of LifePharm really cheaper? Read more

Minerals that give health

The human body consists of minerals. Every organ and every part of the body are minerals: bones, cell structures, arteries, organs, tissues, muscles, hair, lymphatic fluids and so on. Life can not exist without minerals, and the body does not produce them. Where does the body take minerals from? You deliver them from vegetables and fruit as well as dietary supplements. Because only 10% of people consume enough fruit and vegetables, the rest of us have a mineral deficiency. Read more

Is there a universal remedy for every disease?

Imagine that you know the secret of health, that you hold in your hand a fully natural supplement that improves physical, mental and emotional well-being. The same dietary supplement is effective in a wide range of health problems: stress, insomnia, overweight, cancer, multiple sclerosis and all diseases of this world. Is this situation possible? Read more

Selenium and prostate cancer

Information on how selenium affects prostate cancer is diametrically opposed. On the one hand, there are hypotheses that a high level of selenium in the body was a factor preventing prostate cancer. Other sources, however, state that selenium supplementation may increase the risk of prostate cancer. What is the truth about selenium? Selenium fights prostate cancer, or rather favors it? Read more