A simple plan of natural detoxification

The body is equipped with a mechanism to effectively eliminate toxins and harmful substances that arise as a result of metabolism. In addition, everyone can additionally support natural detoxification processes and thus contribute to reducing the risk of disease and achieving full health lasting many years. How to get rid of toxins?

What conditions must be met for natural detoxification to be as effective as possible?

Include detoxification products into your diet.

There are many studies whose results indicate that food can help detoxify the body in an effective and natural way. The dishes and products that you should be interested in include vegetables, fruits, garlic and turmeric. The diet should be supplemented with valuable protein and healthy fats. The balanced diet created in this way supports detoxification and shedding excess weight. In order to ensure maximum benefits, you should buy products of natural origin, preferably organic.

Support intestinal health.

Disorders of the natural detoxification mechanism may be caused by gastrointestinal problems. That is why it is so important to look after the health of the digestive system. The basic step is to improve the quality of the intestinal microflora, because the microorganisms living in the human gut are responsible for providing the body with all nutrients. A quick improvement in the functioning of the digestive system can be obtained using probiotics (DIGESTIVE+++).

Eliminate systemic inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory diet includes foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids (flax seeds, chia seeds, fish oil, krill oil), seafood, turmeric, low-starch vegetables. Eliminating inflammation can be accelerated by using dietary supplements (LAMININE).

Support the immune system.

The proper functioning of the immune system is the result of many factors: proper diet, regular sleep, stress control, regular physical effort. Additional benefits for the immune system are also offered by some dietary supplements (IMMUNE+++).

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