High fat diet promotes young appearance

The fat that we deliver in our diet is our enemy or rather an ally? Media promote a low fat diet. It is said that fat causes overweight that raises cholesterol levels and that it is the source of all evil. Do you really think that removing all the fat from your diet will make you look better?

Skin and hair need fat to look healthy. If you do not eat enough fat in your meals, your skin will not be smooth, radiant or healthy. Strong, beautiful, healthy hair will be unreachable if you completely eliminate fat from your diet.

The key is to eat healthy fats. Healthy fats can be found in nuts and seeds, in cold pressed vegetable oils such as olive oil and in fish (salmon, mackerel, sardine).

Products rich in healthy fats also provide beneficial nutrients and micronutrients. For example, cod liver oil, in addition to high levels of omega-3 fats, is the richest natural source of vitamin D. Cod liver oil is also a good way to maintain normal levels of vitamin A and E. Evening primrose oil contains zinc, selenium, magnesium and calcium. And, in addition, exceptionally large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, which are responsible for the correct course of many processes in the body. Unsaturated fatty acids maintain an adequate level of hydration and prevent loss of water through the outer layers of the skin. Evening primrose oil helps maintain skin firmness and elasticity.

Our body needs omega-3 fats and omega-6 fats to function properly. Omega-6 fats are easy to find in a normal diet, are found in corn oil, safflower oil and rapeseed oil. Omega-3 fats are not as common. You can get the necessary omega-3 fats by eating walnuts and fatty fish. Fish oils are also rich in omega-3 fats.

Enjoy the benefits of olive oil. Add the olive oil to your meals, pour it into the salad. It is rich in healthy fatty acids and in antioxidants such as vitamin E. Most plant oils contain vitamin E. Almond oil and wheat oil are also rich sources of vitamin E, which has been rejuvenating our body for years. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and delays skin aging. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that contribute to skin damage and aging.

The consumption of nuts, seeds and oils that are rich in vitamin E protects you from aging.

If your hair and skin are dry, increase the amount of nuts you eat. Walnuts and almonds are excellent as a healthy snack. They provide the body with the fats and nutrients which body need for healthy hair and healthy skin.

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