Healthy skin in old age

With age, the body becomes weaker and weaker. Older people lose muscle mass, and their bones degrade over time. It has been found that people over the age of 60 are more susceptible to infections that may be the beginning of a serious illness. One of the reasons is that with age, the digestive system and absorption disorders are impaired. How to restore the proper functioning of the digestive system and how does this affect the appearance of the skin? Read more

Care for the skin during winter

Winter is a particularly unfavorable period for the skin. When the air temperature approaches zero, the skin produces an insufficient amount of oiling substances. A lipid coat that protects the skin against external factors can be destroyed. Therefore, during the winter you should take care of the skin with special care. With proper care, even in the winter the skin is healthy and moisturized. How to take care of your skin during winter? Read more

Methods for moisturizing dry skin

Dry skin is prone to various problems. If your skin is over-dry, you need to surround it with special care. It is necessary to regularly use protective lotions, moisturizing and beauty treatments. This will help avoid the adverse consequences of too dry skin. Unfortunately, preparations, good quality creams and cosmetic treatments are expensive. Read more