Why sugar harms health?

We all know the slogans that “sugar causes tooth decay”, “sugar causes obesity” and “sugar is addictive.” This is actually true, but it is only an introduction to a long list of health problems that are the result of excess sugar in the body. When consumed in large quantities, it damages the brain, liver, pancreas and can cause serious health problems! Is it true that sugar causes havoc in the body? Read more

Minerals that give health

The human body consists of minerals. Every organ and every part of the body are minerals: bones, cell structures, arteries, organs, tissues, muscles, hair, lymphatic fluids and so on. Life can not exist without minerals, and the body does not produce them. Where does the body take minerals from? You deliver them from vegetables and fruit as well as dietary supplements. Because only 10% of people consume enough fruit and vegetables, the rest of us have a mineral deficiency. Read more

Safe microwave oven

The idea of a microwave oven was created many years ago. The first commercial construction was created in 1947 and it was possible to buy it for around 5000 dollars. It was the size of a large refrigerator and weighed about twenty times more than modern constructions. Today it is difficult to imagine a kitchen in which there is no microwave oven, and the price of this device is many times lower. What are the risks of using microwaves to heat food? Is the microwave oven safe? Read more

Caffeine is good for health or harmful?

Fashion for a healthy lifestyle has been going on for many years. What is healthy and what is harmful? Supporters of extreme opinions are constantly arguing. Previously, scientists claimed that eggs are bad for health, and now eggs have a lot of benefits. Do not eat butter! Eat butter! Current research seems to contradict previous studies. So what is the issue of caffeine? What is the truth about caffeine? Read more