Lamiderm Apex

As long as we are young, the skin is firm, elastic and nourished. The skin looks healthy thanks to high levels of elastin, collagen and fibronectin. However, when we age, protein supply runs out due to the destruction of the body. Production is not sufficient to meet the needs.

Most skin creams contains collagen, which provides firmness cells. Some creams also have elastin, which nourishes and restores the skin’s youth. There are also creams that include a fibronectin, which is involved in tissue regeneration. However, only Lamiderm Apex contains all three of these substances. Additionally, it is enriched with vitamins, herbs and extract from fertilized chicken eggs.

Brochure (pdf).

Cosmetic benefits of Lamiderm Apex

  • smoothing of wrinkles
  • restored natural elasticity and firmness, healthy and shiny appearance.
  • lightening and the alignment of the skin
  • moisturizing and nourishing of the skin
  • UV protection

Health benefits of Lamiderm Apex

  • softening scars
  • lighten stretch marks
  • increasing the activity of cell
  • skin regeneration

How to use Lamiderm Apex

Serum should be applied morning and evening to a clean and lightly moist skin.


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