Whey protein or casein?

The most popular and the most commonly used dietary supplement that is used to build muscle is the protein. This is logical, because protein is one of the most important muscle building bricks. So, if you’re going to increase your muscle mass, then you need more protein. The problem is that the diet supplement market for bodybuilders is so wide that choosing the right product is not easy.

In addition to commercials and all the hype associated with protein bars and protein supplements, it is certain that protein is one of the most important aspects of a bodybuilder’s diet and every person who cares about beautiful and extensive musculature. How to deliver enough of the right protein in your daily diet?

The basic rule is that for every kilogram of lean body mass the body needs about 1 to 1.5 grams of protein. It is virtually impossible to provide this amount of protein as part of the food you eat. Anyone who would like to eat such a large amount of protein while eating normal meals would also have to eat proportionally large amounts of fat and carbohydrates – and this could have very adverse health effects, and certainly would not lead to the creation of lean muscle mass.

Protein powder is more concentrated, cheaper and easier to use. Thanks to it, we can satisfy the need for more protein intake, which will ensure maximum muscle growth. There are several types of protein supplements that play an important role in bodybuilding training, but the most popular is casein and whey protein.

Whey protein.

Whey protein is the most commonly used protein among people using the gym. The reason is very fast digestion of this type of protein. When you need a large dose of energy and the body is in an anabolic state, whey protein consumed before, during or after training – will bring the best effect. The whey constitutes approximately 20% of the total protein in milk. It has a high amino acid profile, and the diversity of peptides makes it ideal as a training protein.

Casein protein.

In terms of the rate of absorption, casein is the exact opposite of whey. Casein is digested slowly, so it is not a good exercise protein, but it is an ideal protein replacing the meal. Rapid energy release is important during training and that is why whey is so good in this situation. Casein does not provide fast energy, because its absorption time can take up to several hours. Still, casein is a very important muscle-building protein, however, it is recommended that it is taken as a dietary supplement outside of the training hours.

In the current range of protein supplements, it is difficult to find pure whey or pure casein. In most cases, protein powders and protein bars are mixtures of different types of protein. The effect of such mixtures may depend on the individual properties of the metabolism and functioning of the digestive system. Individual supplements are intended to be taken before, during, after training or as meal replacements.

Do not buy protein powders without getting familiar with the composition and use. Individual products have different functions and if used as intended, they can have a huge impact on building muscle.

If you really care about optimal protein utilization, take some time and find pure casein and whey supplements.

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