Loss of memory as a side effect

Incorrect functioning of the neuron network, which is used to memorize information, may be a side effect of some drugs. Do you know what can be the consequences of taking statins whose job is to lower the level of cholesterol in your blood? And what is the side effect of using barbiturates and benzodiazepines as sleeping pills?

From all sides we hear that it is necessary to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. However, the brain is part of an organism in which the cholesterol concentration is very high – and it must be so that the brain functions properly. Taking statins works on the whole body, so it also reduces cholesterol in the brain. Why does not anyone inform us about it?

Loss of memory can also appear as a result of alcoholism. In this case, the only method is to stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol causes nerve damage, and this leads to memory loss. Episodes of strong alcohol intoxication can also be combined with temporary memory loss.

In addition to alcohol, smoking is also associated with memory loss. Smoking, as well as all other tobacco products, reduces blood flow to the brain and increases blood pressure. To the same extent, other stimulants that increase blood pressure should be avoided.

Temporary memory loss is often a consequence of a blow to the head. The cause may be an accident at work or while driving. It’s a good idea to protect yourself by using seat belts or helmets when performing dangerous jobs or practicing extreme sports. This will help to avoid head injuries that may result in amnesia.

Another cause of memory loss is depression. One of the best treatments for depression is light therapy. After getting rid of depression, the memory usually returns without the need for additional resources.

Prevention of memory loss is based on the use of vitamin B12 and vitamin C supplements. Thanks to the strong antioxidant properties, these supplements are effective both in preventing memory loss and in improving memory and improving brain function. Additionally, it is beneficial to consume foods rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, whose beneficial effects on the work of the nervous system are scientifically proven.

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