Is it possible to clone the hair?

Treatment of hair loss through cloning could be a great way to get rid of this nuisance. Recovering thick hair without the need for invasive surgery is a tempting prospect. However, can anyone get new cloned hair? Is it possible at all?

Hair cloning has been carried out for many years. For a long time scientists have been looking for an alternative to follicle transplantation. The method used today is a complex surgical procedure that involves the removal of fragments of the hairy skin and transplanting them into the bald area of the head.

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One of the most exciting events in the search for new solutions in the field of hair loss treatment are experiments that aim to clone the hair. Hair follicle development is the immediate future in the treatment of hair loss. The development of labial follicles that produce natural hair is extremely difficult. So far no one has succeeded. But can we really expect this method to be available in the near future?

In the area of hair cloning, genetic and molecular research is intensively conducted, and solutions to hair loss should be addressed.

In theory, the cloning process would involve picking up hair follicles and transferring them to a lab where it would be possible to grow fully functional hair follicles. The next step would be to transfer the raised cells to the scalp. Unfortunately, we have to wait a few more years for such therapy to be possible.

Of course, hair cloning offers exciting opportunities for treating hair loss in the future. For now, we have at our disposal currently available methods, which although not ideal, yet effectively help to regain hair.

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