Two things without which you will not lose weight

There are plenty of recipes for getting rid of excess weight. Most of them are complicated and require many sacrifices. Only few people will get their dream slim figure. Unfortunately, after a short time, most of them return to the previous weight. In fact, only two elements are important and there is no need to complicate it more.

In effective weight loss only calorie burning and healthy eating are important. If you think it’s different, do not expect positive results. Just increase the amount of calories burned and pay attention to what you put in your mouth. Then you will lose weight without any doubts. Otherwise it will not be!

Step 1 – physical activity.

This is a mandatory element, without which the weight loss will fail. According to recent research, interval training is the most effective type of training that promotes fat burning and accelerates metabolism. Interval training consists in interweaving intense effort with rest periods. These types of exercises mobilize the body to burn calories during and after training. The resting metabolism also increases, thanks to which you burn calories even during sleep. It’s best to train with the trainer to make sure you do the training according to the rules. Train for 3-5 days a week.

Strength training is also beneficial because a large muscle mass helps to burn more calories.

During training, lift more weights, as this helps to reduce fatty tissue more effectively. The better effect is achieved by shorter series with a greater load than repeated lifting of light weights. Smaller weights and more repetitions improve muscle endurance. If you want to quickly burn fat, lift weights at 80-90% of your abilities.

Step 2 – observe what you eat.

This is also an obligatory element, without which the weight loss will fail. A mistaken understanding of the sense of nutrition resulted in gaining weight. Until you understand this, the problem will remain. If you feel guilty eating something, then your intuition tells you not to eat it. Avoid foods that you know you should not eat. Forget about heavy creams, fast foods, reduce sugar and salt. The food you should eat is: vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy fats, fish, chicken, fish, oatmeal. There is no way we can describe a healthy diet in one paragraph. Reach for literature and use common sense!

When you take something to eat, think about whether you feel hungry!

There are also supplements that can be used, for example: CLA, green tea extract, thermogenic products. Supplements are not a magic solution. However, adding them to physical exercise and good nutrition can bring good results.

When you observe the first positive signs of your actions, you will feel satisfaction and motivation for further work will increase. You will be surprised when at some point you notice that what you once ate does not taste so good anymore.

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