How to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke

The answer is obvious. Stop smoking cigarettes! But what if you like to smoke and do not have the slightest intention to fight addiction?

Cigarette smoke penetrates everything that surrounds us. Furniture, carpets, walls, clothes and even a car smells of cigarettes. The smoker does not mind the smell. Non-smokers, however, can easily smell cigarette smoke. In addition to the non-smoking stench remaining after the smoker is unpleasant, some people may react allergically.

There are situations where we would like to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke. There are a couple of effective ways to do this.

Ensure good ventilation of the room where you smoke. Opening the window may be insufficient. The best effect will be a fan that will pull out the smoke. If smoke remains in the room, it will certainly soak up the walls, furniture and all other items.

Organize a special place for smoking cigarettes. Perhaps you have a room that is rarely used. You can use this room for a smoking lounge. Certainly no one except the smokers will want to enter it. However, by separating from the rest of the house, all other rooms will be free from the smell of cigarette smoke.

Even better, is to make a place to smoke on the balcony, veranda or in the garden. In this situation, the entire house will remain clean and fragrant.

How to clean air from cigarette smoke

There are plenty of air cleaners available on the market. Manufacturers ensure that these devices can prevent smoke from entering furniture and carpets and yellowing walls and windows. Some purifiers use ozone, other carbon filters. The disadvantage of cleaners is that they only operate on a limited surface and only in the room where they are located. Such cleaners work well for occasional smokers. For the addicts, local air purifiers are useless.

Ashtray stinks

A single ashtray can spoil the smell of the room as quickly as a burning cigarette. A good way is to place baking soda in an ashtray. Soda perfectly absorbs all the odors and prevents the spread of stink from the ashtray. In addition, it will also clean air from cigarette smoke. This will not solve the problem 100%, but the difference will be noticeable.

Smelly clothes and smelly breath

Applying these methods on a daily basis will be difficult, but can occasionally help. When you smoke, put on a coat or a cape that will absorb most of the smoke. This will keep your undercoat from being clean. If you smoke outdoors and the weather is windy, stand back to the wind. Do not blow smoke into the wind. You can also go for a quick walk. If you have the opportunity, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with mouthwash. When you finish smoking, chew mint chewing gum.

Home remedies to get rid of the smell of cigarettes

Vinaigrette souce. Mix vinaigrette with water in a ratio of 1: 2. Add soda purified. This solution can wash walls, ceilings and floors. It can also be used to clean the car. For this, place the solution into a wide and flat container. Place the container in the front seat. Start the engine, turn on maximum ventilation and leave for about an hour.

Charcoal. Place the open bag in the room you want to clean or in the car. Charcoal perfectly absorbs all the odors.

Vanilla flavor. Apply a few drops of extract to a cloth or tissue and place somewhere in an invisible place.

Apple. Cut the apple into slices, put on a plate and place on the floor. When the slices will dry, replace them with fresh ones.

Brewed coffee grounds. Dried powder put on the carpet or on the floor in the car. Leave for a few days and then clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Each of the described methods has to be applied several times. One repetition will not produce noticeable effect.

If you know of any other ways to get rid of the smell of cigarettes, then share with us!

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