Vitamins and dietary supplements during pregnancy

In women during pregnancy and lactation, the need for nutrients increases. Specialists recommend increasing the intake of 14 of the 21 basic micronutrients – 7 minerals, 5 vitamins and choline. Therefore, care should be taken to provide enough of these ingredients to prevent the risk of shortages.

Meeting these increased nutritional requirements should be achieved by eating the right amount of food in a balanced and varied diet, however, in some situations, the use of dietary supplements may be beneficial.

The American Dietetic Association and the Institute of Medicine recommend that all pregnant women who smoke or abuse alcohol or drugs take multivitamin and multi-ingredient supplements. The same recommendation applies to women with iron deficiency or poor diet, vegans and women expecting more than one child. In addition, many healthcare organizations recommend routine folate supplementation during this period. Because of the recognized benefits of an extra iron dose during pregnancy, the World Health Organization recommends daily iron supplementation (60 mg per day) for all pregnant women for 6 months. In the United States and Canada, iodine (150 μg per day) is recommended.

Of the dietary supplements with general properties, for pregnant women and during breastfeeding, LAMININE is recommended (1 to 5 capsules a day), although the manufacturer suggests consulting a doctor before starting the therapy.

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