Depression, stress and cortisol

What are the causes of stress? If stress lasts too long and we do not have time to rest or relax, then it is a very bad health condition, both in the physical and emotional sphere. Cortisol in the right amount is a natural and necessary factor in the functioning of the body, but its excess causes uncontrolled emotional reactions and can have fatal consequences for general health. Every person experiencing chronic stress experiences panic fear and devastating fear. Read more

Cortisol, stress and obesity

Researchers found a relationship between cortisol and abdominal fat. Cortisol has been blamed as the main culprit of the obesity problem, and cortisol-reducing pills are advertised as a miracle solution to the problem of overweight. Is cortisol actually associated with abdominal obesity? Does reducing cortisol levels reduce fat? Read more

What is cortisol and what is its function?

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is secreted by the adrenal gland. It is commonly associated with allergies, skin problems or joint pain. In a synthetic form, as a hydrocortisone, it can be given by the doctor intravenously to reduce the allergic reaction or as an ointment for skin rash. Cortisol is often associated with the body’s stress response, but in reality its task is more complicated. Read more

Herbs for stress

Stress is a natural reaction of the body and does not bring negative consequences. The problem will arise when you do not take care that after stress you have enough time to relax. Prolonged exposure to stress is conducive to the occurrence of many diseases. The weakest organs and systems will suffer the most, but you can avoid the damaging consequences of stress. How to relieve stress in a natural way? Read more

Is there a universal remedy for every disease?

Imagine that you know the secret of health, that you hold in your hand a fully natural supplement that improves physical, mental and emotional well-being. The same dietary supplement is effective in a wide range of health problems: stress, insomnia, overweight, cancer, multiple sclerosis and all diseases of this world. Is this situation possible? Read more