What is more effective against cellulite, cream or pills?

Cellulite is a disease that primarily affects women. Age does not matter. The main cause of cellulite is bad hormonal management. The problem affects almost 90% of women. Cellulite in men occurs very rarely. However, in some men, its symptoms are very burdensome. What methods to apply to effectively get rid of cellulite? Read more

Water cellulite or fat cellulite

Cellulite most often appears around the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Symptoms of cellulite include numerous dimples, bulges and papules, which arise as a result of overgrowth of fat cells and liquids accumulating between them. Changes in the subcutaneous tissue may be the cause of pain, color changes in the skin and skin striae. What type of cellulite have you discovered on your thighs? Water or fat? Read more

Proven tips for hair growth

Hair loss is a problem that affects about 80% of men. For some, excessive hair loss is not a reason to lower self-esteem or falling into depression. However, the greater part of society attaches great importance to external appearance. According to some people, the trouble with hair on the head or total lack of hair, are detrimental to their image. Hair loss and male pattern baldness can be the cause of many problems in life. People lose confidence. This is reflected both in their personal life and professional life. Such persons should apply an effective treatment.

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Detoxification and the condition of the skin

We all know that toxins are harmful and cause damage to the body, potentially even death if their levels are too high. The cells of the body live because they are constantly nourished with nutrients, while the cells have the ability to eliminate by-products and waste. Detoxification is a natural, continuous process that occurs in every living organism. Can detoxification improve the appearance of the skin? Read more