Water cellulite or fat cellulite

Cellulite most often appears around the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Symptoms of cellulite include numerous dimples, bulges and papules, which arise as a result of overgrowth of fat cells and liquids accumulating between them. Changes in the subcutaneous tissue may be the cause of pain, color changes in the skin and skin striae. What type of cellulite have you discovered on your thighs? Water or fat? Read more

There is no cure for cellulite

This is indeed true. Cellulite is not a disease and every doctor will confirm it. However, cellulite can be easily eliminated without medication. It’s just an excess of fat that we considered a cosmetic defect. Not all women have cellulite. Of course, all women have fat, but cellulite affects about 70% of the population. Why are some women without cellulite? And is there really no cure for cellulite? Read more

Anti-cellulite cream from popular herbs

Cellulite is a nightmare of actual times. There are effective anti-cellulite treatments, but none is effective without a comprehensive treatment of the problem. Diet, exercise and massage are the most important elements of anti-cellulite treatment. The effects can be accelerated using handmade healing cream made of common ivy and field horsetail. Read more

What is more effective against cellulite, cream or pills?

Cellulite is a disease that primarily affects women. Age does not matter. The main cause of cellulite is bad hormonal management. The problem affects almost 90% of women. Cellulite in men occurs very rarely. However, in some men, its symptoms are very burdensome. What methods to apply to effectively get rid of cellulite? Read more