Cellulite and mesotherapy

You watch what you eat and use expensive creams, but nothing works. Cellulite is a serious problem that affects both women and men. This is one of the most difficult cosmetic problems. However, there is a cosmetic procedure that wins the fight against cellulite. This treatment, which breaks down fat and rejuvenates the skin, is mesotherapy.

Doctors believe that cellulite occurs in more than 90% of women in the immediate postpartum period. Cellulite is considered a women’s problem, but men also suffer from this skin disease, whose visible symptoms most often appear on the buttocks, hips and legs.

In recent years, more and more doctors as a viable way to fight cellulite and excess fat see mesotherapy. Anti-cellulite sessions last only a few minutes. To block the tendency to accumulate fat and stimulate the burning ability, it takes only four to ten sessions. The mesotherapy treatment consists in injecting drugs into the skin layer called mesoderm. The same medications are used in patients with asthma and in people with high blood pressure. Most commonly used are: aminophylline, isoprenaline, phosphatidylcholine and sodium deoxycholate.

The first results of the treatment should be expected after about four sessions. The number of treatments depends on several factors, including the severity of the symptoms and the cause of the problem. Mesotherapy helps to strengthen the body in many ways. Improves blood flow to the area that is being treated. It dissolves excess fat, removes hardened tissue and improves lymphatic drainage.

Is mesotherapy a safe way to treat cellulite? It depends primarily on the doctor who performs the treatment because the doctor decides what kind of medication to use.

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