What is cellulite and what can you do with it?

Cellulite is a fatty tissue and fibrous deposition that distorts the connective tissue from the deeper layers of the skin, causing the surface of the skin to become uneven and lumpy. It usually appears on the hips, thighs and buttocks. Cellulite is not the result of overweight or obesity, as it also occurs in lean and athletic women. Doctors say that cellulite is not a disease and therefore they do not heal it in any way. So how do you deal with cellulite?

Most people associate cellulite with the accumulation of fat cells. This is true, but cellulite can also be caused by excess water.

Anti-cellulite cream

Anti-cellulite creams contain a wide range of ingredients: vitamins, minerals from herbal extracts, antioxidants. These creams are sold as a cellulite remedy, but in fact they can only reduce the skin defect. There are hundreds of creams, pills, tablets and capsules available to fight against cellulite on the market. The truth is that there is no 100% cure for cellulite and the only thing we can do is improve the appearance of the skin.

Creams do not remove cellulite, but you must admit that significantly improve the appearance of the skin. Systematic use of the cream reduces swelling, removes lymph stasis and has a draining effect. Visual effects are sometimes very beneficial.

Because cellulite is the result of degeneration of body fat, doctors say that the best way is to prevent cellulite, by using strong antioxidants. I think that if you can degenerate tissue, then you can regenerate this tissue in the same way. It is enough to change the way of eating and lifestyle to those that are conducive to health.

Exercises to remove cellulite

One of the elements of a healthy lifestyle are exercises. Exercise can help improve blood circulation in areas where you can see a problem with cellulite. Well-chosen exercises and proper nutrition can greatly improve the appearance of cellulite.

Exercise using hula-hoop is one of the most recommended in the fight against cellulite. Just stand in a slight stride, slightly bend your legs, put hula-hoop around your hips and spin it several times a day. Exercise engages the muscles of the buttocks, thigh muscles and abdominal muscles, the areas where cellulite appears most often.

Do only women have cellulite?

Cellulite is mainly a female problem, although some men may also have it. According to doctors, this is a genetic problem and is therefore very difficult to remove. However, are doctors always right?

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