Teeth whitening for free

If you have yellow teeth and you want to change it, there are a few proven solutions from which you can choose. You can take out money from your pocket and pay for a professional procedure, or if you prefer, buy a tooth bleach and use it in your home. However, if you do not have money, then you can apply a few rules that will be as effective as expensive treatments, but in this case you will not pay anything.

Teeth whitening has been a very popular topic for a long time. But does anyone know the perfect way to get white teeth for life? Well, to keep your teeth in white, brushing is not enough. Familiarize yourself with the basic rules, and your teeth will certainly be white and shiny, and in addition you will keep them healthy for a long time.

Avoid carbonated drinks because they are so acidic that they can destroy the outermost layers of the tooth. Most of these drinks contain large amounts of phosphorus – a mineral that can rinse calcium from the bones. In addition to other negative health effects, carbonated drinks increase the chance of tooth loss and yellowing.

There is a group of foods that inhibit the yellowing of teeth. These beneficial products for the teeth are fruits and vegetables. For example, celery, apples and carrots naturally cleanse teeth, and broccoli, lettuce and spinach, prevent the formation of stains, creating a film on the teeth, which acts as a barrier.

There are also dishes and products that destroy the white color of teeth. Of course, teeth will not become yellow after eating such a product once. However, systematic and long-term consumption of foods that color teeth may result in the loss of white teeth. So do not overuse coffee, red wine, tea and intense foods such as blueberries and cherries. As a rule – do not eat a lot of foods that you know will make a stain on a white tablecloth, because these products will also stain your teeth. Always brush your teeth thoroughly after eating any of the food in this group.

Smoking causes teeth yellowing. It also increases the risk of oral cancer and is the cause of gum disease as it limits blood flow to the gums. Some people say that chewing gum prevents the formation of tooth discoloration, however, many specialists say that chewing gum can only compensate for the unpleasant smell from the mouth, and the protection of teeth against yellowing has no effect. It is said that smoking one packet of cigarettes a day for 10 years results in a 10% loss of bone tissue in the teeth.

Be careful when using teeth whitening agents. Always use the preparations as recommended by the manufacturer and never exceed the recommended doses. A professional bleaching system can not harm teeth, but some of the online bleaches are so strong that they can damage the surface of the teeth. If you decide to use tooth whitener at home, be very careful.

When using teeth, use common sense. Do not bite the nails, do not open the bottles with your teeth, do not bite any hard objects, because the enamel is fragile and it is very easy to damage them. In places of enamel cracks and splinters, teeth start to lose their white color.

For some people, the rules I mentioned will seem absurd and impossible to apply. Probably it will be easier for them to spend some money on the whitening procedure than to take care of their teeth for free. Take into account that even the best whitening agent will not give eternal effects if you do not take care of your teeth in everyday life.

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