Teeth whitening price

Teeth whitening in the dental surgery is associated with a large expense. Are teeth whitening prices really so high? This situation is already a thing of the past Now the treatment has become more popular and prices are lower. Nowadays, teeth whiten not only the actors and celebrities, but literally everyone.

The whitening procedure in the dentist’s office can be done with special rails, UV lamps or a laser. The cheapest is the first method. The laser method is a bit more expensive. The most expensive is a method using UV light. Anyone interested in teeth whitening can read the price list.

Despite its popularity and significant price declines, white teeth are still a luxury and not everyone can afford it. Most of us have more important expenses than expensive treatments at the dentist.

Cheap teeth whitening

You might want to consider other methods of teeth whitening. There are easily accessible and affordable formulas that use professional methods. One of them is iBright, a tooth whitening gel. It is an excellent alternative to invasive procedures. It can be used at home. Just apply for one hour a day to get your teeth naturally white.

Just recently, very popular were bleach pastes. You could have bought them in any store. However, the effectiveness of bleaching pastes was poor. They did not remove the sludge from the teeth and the color remained unchanged.

IBright is the first formulation that provides white teeth and has a lot of positive feedback from satisfied users. The preparation is the result of long-term scientific work of an international team of researchers who developed a modern whitening formula. In addition to active oxygen, iBright also has potassium nitrate and other ingredients that whiten teeth. The bleaching results are visible for a long time.

Cheaper alternatives

On the Internet you will easily find a lot of teeth whitening products. Be sure to read the user reviews carefully. Buy only tested products. The best results of whitening you get using a proper diet and leading a healthy lifestyle.

What causes yellowing of teeth?

  • smoking or chewing tobacco
  • drinking coffee, tea or red wine
  • foods containing intense dyes (cherries, berries, etc.)
  • delayed treatment of the teeth
  • bad tooth brushing

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