Questions about eyelash extensions

Women have used artificial methods for thousands of years to improve the appearance of their eyes. The mascara fashion has its origins in the Victorian era. In 1916 false eyelashes were invented. In the 21st century, the most fashionable way to improve the appearance of the eye area is to extend eyelashes. Today we answer questions related to eyelash extensions. Read more

How to choose mascara

Do you choose to increase the volume of eyelashes or lengthening eyelashes? Or maybe no lumps or hypoallergenic mascara? Choosing mascara is not an easy task, and the final effect depends on it. Will your eyelashes look longer and be more expressive and denser? Will the mascara be arranged smoothly without lumps and will remain without scaling for many hours? Will the promise of the seller, which ensured the excellent effects of this product, be fulfilled? In most cases you will only get the answer after the first use of mascara. Read more

Natural nutrition of eyelashes

There are many products that naturally nourish eyelashes. Thanks to them, you will not only achieve a longer length and thickness of eyelashes, but, above all, strengthen and nourish eyelashes, preventing eyelashes from breaking and falling out. It is possible to get a great look without using mascara or applying artificial eyelashes. In this article, we will not write about nutrients that you can buy online – LashMantra, IdolLash, Miralash. So what is the natural alternative that stimulates growth and improves the condition of eyelashes? Read more

How to choose an effective eyelash growth stimulator?

For some women, nature has made life easier and gave them beautiful, long and thick eyelashes. Long eyelashes perfectly cover the eyes and improve the look. Short and thin eyelashes age the face and make the eyes look sad and unattractive. What are your eyelashes? Do you like to look in the mirror and admire the remnants of hair that remained in the place where beautiful eyelashes were once? Or do you miss the long and thick eyelashes you see at movie stars or your friends? Every woman is looking for good products that stimulate the growth of eyelashes, and eyelash serum is one of the most important cosmetics that can restore beauty to your eyelashes. Read more