Will the lashes grow back?

Eyelashes can be lost due to natural causes. The reason for losing eyelashes can be too aggressive beauty treatments. The most common cause is the combination of several factors. As a result, one day we face the fact that lashes are not there. What to do? Can eyelashes really grow? What to do to have long and healthy lashes again?

Why do eyelashes fall out?

The growth of the lashes, as well as the hair growing on the head, takes place in three phases: anagen, katagen and telogen. The length, density and color of the eyelashes is an individual feature of every human being. Depends on genetic predisposition and general health. Too intensive beauty treatments can bring lashes to destruction. Using thick mascara or sticking artificial eyelashes can damage your natural eyelashes. Eyelashes may break or fall, they may become rough and matt. Eyelashes can also fall as a side effect of treating cancer.

Do destroyed lashes grow back?

Such a question is asked by many people who have lost their lashes. Of course, lashes grow. You can accelerate the growth of eyelashes using eyelash conditioners or home-made methods.

The best way for the lazy is to buy a special eyelash conditioner. There are many good and proven high quality products: Miralash, Latisse, Lashvolution, Revitalash, ActivLash, Lashmantra. As a rule, effective eyelash conditioners contain natural ingredients that are safe and effective. The most common ingredients are glycerol, beeswax and vitamin E.

Home remedies to strengthen eyelashes

Evening oiling with natural oil gives very good results. Natural oils create excellent conditions for the growth of eyelashes, including moisturizing and providing the necessary nutrients. Very good for evening treatments are castor oil or olive oil that are natural, affordable and widely available.

It is important to remove the makeup every day before falling asleep. You should do this by using natural and delicate fluids. Eyelashes must have time to rest and recover.

Do not use harmful lash products. Avoid mascara that glues and splits the hair, as it destroys lashes.

Remember to use a healthy diet. General health is most important to the quality of eyelashes. Eat vegetables, fruit and high-quality protein to deliver the ingredients you need for healthy lashes.

Drink the right amount of water. Water maintains adequate body moisture and supports the delivery of vitamins to the appropriate body regions.

Replacing fragile and thin eyelashes into dense and powerful eyelashes requires patience and consistency. By choosing one method or by combining several methods, you can be sure that your eyelashes will be long, dense, and flattering.

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