Questions about eyelash extensions

Women have used artificial methods for thousands of years to improve the appearance of their eyes. The mascara fashion has its origins in the Victorian era. In 1916 false eyelashes were invented. In the 21st century, the most fashionable way to improve the appearance of the eye area is to extend eyelashes. Today we answer questions related to eyelash extensions.

What is the difference between artificial eyelashes and eyelash extensions?

Artificial eyelashes are a reproduction of a complete eyelash, which is glued entirely to the base of natural eyelashes. False eyelashes can easily stick and peel off by yourself. False eyelashes do not look natural and are a short-term improvement in the appearance of eyelashes. On the other hand, the extension of eyelashes consists in sticking individual hairs to each of the hairs that make up the natural lashes. The visual effect is really impressive and lasts for about 4 weeks.

What are eyelashes made of which are used for extension?

Eyelashes can be extended using organic human hair, artificial leather, synthetic fibers or animal hair. The most frequently available and the cheapest one is eyelash extension with artificial hair fibers.

How does eyelash extension take place?

The application takes place in a lying position. The treatment is carried out using sterilized or disposable tools and lasts several hours. The first stage is to clean the area around the eyes with a professional shampoo that removes make-up and disinfects the skin. Then, a new eyelash is glued to each eyelash with a special glue. As standard, one new eyelash is glued to one natural one. For better results, you can glue two, three, four or even more new eyelashes to each natural eyelash. In the case of so-called Hollywood eyelashes, eight new eyelashes are glued to each natural eyelash, which results in extreme lashes thickening.

How to care for eyelashes after the extension treatment?

It is necessary to avoid contact with water within the first 24 hours. The adhesive must have a minimum of 24 hours to cure properly. During this period, do not use the sauna, solarium, do not swim in the pool. Avoid sleeping on the stomach and facing the pillow. Do not use cosmetics based on glycols, urea, alcohol carbonates, proteins or oily solvents because they weaken the adhesive.

How often should I extend my eyelashes?

Prolonged eyelashes do not fall out until the natural eyelash to which they are stuck falls out. Natural eyelashes fall out after about 40 days. Experts suggest that eyelash extensions should be replenished every three to four weeks.

Can I swim with eyelashes?

Avoid contact with water for the first twenty-four hours after eyelash extension.

How to remove extended eyelashes?

Do not do it yourself, because it can damage natural eyelashes and impede regeneration. Eyelashes can be removed only by a trained cosmetician who uses a special adhesive dissolving liquid.

Can eyelash extensions harm the eyes or natural eyelashes?

Unless you are allergic to any product used during the treatment, there will be no side effects. If you know about allergies to artificial fibers or solvents, be sure to tell your beautician before eyelash extensions.

Can you use mascara?

After eyelash extensions, the use of mascara is unnecessary, because eyelashes will be longer and look fuller compared to natural eyelashes. If you absolutely want to use mascara, apply it only to eyelash tips and use a water-based ink. There are special inks for extended eyelashes on sale.

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