Problem with falling out eyelashes

Losing eyelashes can be a result of serious systemic diseases. In this case, a comprehensive examination and consultation with the internist or endocrinologist is required. However, if we consider losing eyelashes as a cosmetic problem, we have a lot of lash products that will bring a very satisfactory result.

Many women waste time sticking artificial eyelashes or using expensive inks. After such treatments the eyelashes look thick, full and healthy. However, glued eyelashes will never look natural. The most effective remedy for eyelashes is eyelash growth supplements and growth stimulators. These are the most innovative products that can help with the rejuvenation of the eyelashes.

Stimulator of eyelash growth

The most popular lash stimulators are Latanoprost and Bimatoprost. These are chemicals that lower the pressure in the eye and are used in glaucoma medications. Both substances have an interesting side effect: they stimulate and speed up the growth of eyelashes. Bimatoprost has been used in a product called Lattise, which has been specially developed for people who want to lengthen their lashes. The preparation should be applied once daily along the lash line. It takes about two months for the growth stimulator to work. Unfortunately, after the end of therapy, the effect lasts only a dozen weeks. For prolonged use, it is recommended to use prophylactically once a week.

Glaucoma drugs used to lengthen eyelashes can cause dangerous side effects. There may be an increase in the intensity of iris staining, visual disturbances, photophobia, conjunctivitis. The most common symptom of improper use of the preparation is bloodshot eyes and dry eye.

Nevertheless, there are many very good quality eyelash products that effectively revitalize lashes. Before you buy, take a look at the ingredients used in your product and make sure it is safe for your health. A good stimulator should contain natural ingredients that not only nourish the eyelashes but also strengthen and thicken.

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