What are the causes of insomnia?

Sleep is very important for the healthy functioning of the body. The optimal length of sleep depends on individual circumstances, but failure to provide adequate time for regeneration can result in serious health problems. Understanding the causes of insomnia is the first step to solve this problem.

Insomnia can be a consequence of various factors, including stress, irregular lifestyle, lack of sleep hygiene and many psychological and physical factors. One thing is certain – a lack of sleep is a serious problem and should be removed as soon as possible, because the lack of regular sleep can cause catastrophic health effects.

What contributes to insomnia?

Insomnia is a disease group whose symptom is inability to sleep. Insomnia can manifest itself in the form of short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic), and each of these forms has different causes. The most common cause of acute insomnia is stress, which can arise due to unfavorable life circumstances. After solving problems and after stress relieves, this type of insomnia usually disappears spontaneously. In contrast, chronic insomnia usually starts with poor sleep hygiene or is a consequence of the treatment of other diseases. The immediate cause of this kind of insomnia is regular disruption of sleep and wakefulness cycles. The result of such a situation are difficulties with falling asleep and disturbances in the course of REM cycles.

The cause of insomnia is a physical or mental disorder that prevents calm and regular sleep at night.

What are the effects of insomnia?

One sleepless night can cause irritability and ill humor. However, long-term sleep disorders can cause more serious health problems. Sleep disturbances may contribute to, inter alia, limiting cognitive skills, slowing down reflexes and motor impairment. This can contribute to an increase in the risk of traffic accidents. Chronic insomnia is associated with a weakened immune system and an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and depression.

Lack of sleep can lead to a fatal mental and physical condition. Therefore, take into account that one of the available ways to fight insomnia is LAMININE in a dose of 1 to 5 capsules a day, depending on the severity of the disease symptoms.

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