Erection problems and possible treatments

Problems with getting an erection are quite common. If the problem is not associated with lack of desire but prevents normal intercourse, this condition is called erectile dysfunction or impotence. Erection problems are caused by combined physical and psychological factors.

Physical reasons for the lack of erection

Erection problems can occur due to nervous system disorders or due to problems with the blood supply to the penis or anatomical defects in the genital area. In particular, the reason for the lack of an erection can be:

  • Accidents, strokes or surgical operations that have led to damage to areas of the brain or spinal cord that are responsible for impulses that cause erection of the penis.
  • Multiple sclerosis can cause erection problems.
  • Accidents or diseases that blocked the transmission of nerve impulses from the spinal cord to the genitals.
  • Atherosclerosis caused by age or unhealthy lifestyle, causing narrowing and sclerosis of the blood vessels in the genital area.
  • Injuries of the cavernous body in the penis, caused by inflammation, accidents or diseases.
  • Congenital defects within the penis or genital organs.
  • Peyronie’s disease – an inflammatory disease that causes abnormal bending or twisting of the penis, and sometimes impeding the filling of the penis with blood.
  • Circumcision, as a result of which the skin of the penis is too tight or resulting in extensive inflexible scars.
  • Side effects of drugs to lower blood pressure or against depression.
  • Zinc deficiency.
  • Heart disease.
  • Diabetes that damages the nerves and blood vessels of the penis.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Liver or kidney disease.
  • Alcohol or drug abuse.

Psychological reasons for the lack of erection

Psychological causes can interfere with the erection process by diverting attention from stimuli that should arouse sexual arousal. Psychological problems constitute about 40% of erection problems. Erection problems in men under the age of 50 are most often caused by psychological factors. The psychological causes of erection problems include, but are not limited to, the following factors:

  • Anxiety related to the inability to meet sexual requirements.
  • Long-term emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety or anger.
  • Problems with partner relationships – for example, when a woman has other sexual preferences.
  • Recently widowed men may have erection problems.
  • Some men have difficulties with sexual intercourse with their partner after giving birth because they do not like the changes that the birth process caused in the woman’s body.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

When a specific physical and psychological condition causes erection problems, this problem should be treated. The methods must be selected according to the diagnosed cause of the lack of erection. If the cause is heart disease or atherosclerosis, then a lifestyle change can improve the overall health situation and improve your erection ability. If the problem of the shape of the penis is a problem of erection, it may be helpful to use a mechanical device to correct the shape of the penis.

Viagra and Cialis are the most well-known pharmacological methods in the treatment of erection problems. However, these drugs do not increase sex drive. If there is no excitement, Viagra will not help. You can also buy herbal products in the pharmacy or online that stimulate the erection mechanism. Erection oils give an immediate effect in the form of a hard erection, but only for a period of about 2-3 hours. Erections or potency pills need more time to work, but the effect lasts for hours. Herbal products often contain additional ingredients that increase sexual arousal.

If the erection can not be achieved at all with the aforementioned methods, surgical implants remain, however, the effects are not always satisfactory and irreversible changes may occur in the case of unsuccessful surgery.

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