Omega 3 fish oil supports not only the heart

Nutritionists and health specialists have been recommending omega fish oil supplements for over twenty years. There are a lot of articles on this subject and probably there is no publication whose author would have a negative opinion on the pro-health values ​​of fish oil. Numerous controlled clinical trials from around the world have confirmed the health benefits that result from taking DHA and EPA derived from fish oil supplements.

If you want to prevent civilization diseases – make sure you provide omega 3 fatty acids in the form of supplements or as part of your diet. Omega 3 is a recipe for health and a beautiful look.

Satisfying the body’s needs for omega 3 is not difficult as part of the meals you eat. It’s enough to eat about 400 grams of sea fish during the week. The fish that provide the most unsaturated omega fatty acids are salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna. In addition to fish, you can also provide beneficial fatty acids by eating crustaceans, tofu, almonds, walnuts, linseed oil, peanut oil or rapeseed oil. However, the most popular way to supply the body in omega 3 are capsules – easy to eat, cheap and effective just like natural products, and do not force you to strictly watch your diet.

People around the world are unaware of the importance of taking EPA and DHA for health and well-being.

How do you choose the best omega 3 supplements?

There is a very wide selection of omega 3 supplements, thanks to which you can effectively take care of the health of the cardiovascular system, eyes and the brain. You can test all in a row, but keep in mind that LifePharm OMEGA+++ is the best choice. High quality ingredients and additional, beneficial ingredients are convincing arguments. In order to support the health of the heart, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin K were added to the supplement. As a source of beneficial fish oil, a unique species of anchovy (Engraulis Ringens) originating from South America was used.

Remember that DHA and EPA can help maintain normal blood pressure.

Small fish in Pacific coast regions do not contain harmful heavy metals (including lead and mercury) that are common for larger fish. By choosing the best source of omega 3 fatty acids, LifePharm chose this unique type of anchovies not only because of the naturally high levels of EPA and DHA, but also because of its natural purity.

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