How to help yourself in weight loss?

Researchers have confirmed that regular physical exercise, used in conjunction with the consumption of long-chain omega fatty acids from fish, improves blood circulation and metabolism. Both methods used together have a beneficial health effect, and it is also known that consumption of fish oil or its supplements supports weight loss. Preferred fatty acids are primarily EPA and DHA, which are found in fatty fish and in fish oil supplements.

In order to demonstrate the benefits that result from physical exertion and consumption of fish oil, a study was conducted in which 80 people who were overweight were included, aged 25 to 65 years. The study lasted three months. Participants were divided into four groups, in which fish oil or safflower oil was used and physical exercise was used or not. The division into groups was as follows:

  • People only eating fish oil.
  • People consuming fish oil and performing physical exercise.
  • People only eating safflower oil.
  • People consuming safflower oil and performing physical exercises.

Who lost the most body fat?

Participants in these groups who performed physical exercises, jogged or walked three times a week for 45 minutes. The results of the study showed that people using a fish oil supplement combined with regular physical exercise, gained a significantly greater weight loss compared to people who only took safflower oil and did not do physical exercise. The combination of physical effort and the regular use of a fish oil supplement resulted in the greatest loss of body fat. Studies lasting 12 weeks have demonstrated the potential benefits of a well-thought-out weight loss strategy. Fish oil supplementation used to burn fat tissue as a side effect caused a decrease in triglycerides in the blood, an increase in the amount of good HDL cholesterol and an improvement in the condition of the mucous membranes of the blood vessels.

Similarly beneficial effects were observed in people who used ordinary fat consumed in everyday meals, replaced with the same amount of fish oil. After three weeks of the experiment, these individuals experienced a significant reduction in body weight. This confirms the fact that omega fatty acids have a beneficial effect on metabolism and help to get rid of fat stored in the body.

The combined use of physical exercise and fish oil supplementation is the best solution for effective fat loss.

OMEGA+++ is currently the richest and most valuable fish oil supplement. The preparation is directed to the health of the cardiovascular system and the loss of excess body weight is a beneficial side effect of increasing the intake of beneficial fatty acids. The optimal dose of the preparation is two capsules a day.

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