Practicing sport and intestinal bacterial flora

The intestinal bacterial flora is a very important element that is the foundation of good health. The lifestyle and the environment that surrounds us also have an effect on the composition of the intestinal microflora. Is it possible to have a conscious influence on microorganisms that exist in our digestive system?

Many factors may influence the intestinal microbes, including: genetic predisposition, stress, physical activity, diet, age. According to current research, probiotics and prebiotics, which effectively support the formation of a beneficial bacterial flora, are beneficial in every situation. The best and natural source of probiotics is a balanced diet, but many people also use dietary supplements that rebuild just as well the beneficial bacterial flora in the digestive system.

What is the relationship between intestinal microflora and health?

Under certain circumstances, the composition of the intestinal flora may be disturbed. This means that the population of beneficial microorganisms has been significantly reduced, and harmful bacteria have developed there. The presence of harmful bacteria in the gut is the cause of an increase in the level of harmful substances in the body and increase the likelihood of deterioration of health.

One of the main factors that is closely related to the quality of the intestinal microflora is the type of diet. The used diet, in the context of the problem discussed, is one that is rich in vegetables, fruits, unprocessed grainy products, fish and seafood. On the opposite side there is a western type diet with a lot of fried, breaded and processed foods – which promotes weight gain and also destroys the microorganisms living in the intestines.

A condition for the proper functioning of the intestinal microflora is diversity. The situation in which one type of bacteria gains a quantitative advantage leads to behavioral disorders, gastrointestinal problems and allergies. The effects of this kind of problems can be obesity and metabolic disorders – ailments that are a real scourge of modern society.

Do probiotics increase physical performance?

In fact, it was found that probiotics can help increase body efficiency, especially in endurance exercise. Although the action of probiotics is mainly aimed at strengthening the immune system, neutralizing free radicals and normalizing the intestinal mucosa, they also have ergogenic properties. Thanks to this, probiotics can improve the results obtained by athletes during intense physical activity.

DIGESTIVE+++ contains probiotic Bacillus Coagulans bacteria. Bacteria of this species have very persistent spores and, after ingestion, enter the gastrointestinal tract in excellent condition. Thanks to this, they have a very positive effect on the bacterial flora in the gut.

Regardless of whether you lead an active lifestyle or not, introducing probiotics into the diet can improve physical fitness and overall health.

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