Physical activity and the development of bacterial flora

A good bacterial flora in the digestive system is the foundation of general health. Especially today, when immune system diseases are very common, it is good to know that the strength of the immune system is rooted in the gut. So how do you ensure the correct bacterial flora in the gut?

It is scientifically confirmed that physical activity increases the diversity of intestinal microflora in the human body. The multitude of different types of microorganisms in the digestive system is an important factor that improves the work of the immune system and guarantees proper metabolism. Many factors influence the microorganisms living in the gut, and the harmony of the bacterial flora in the human body is a guarantee of full and long-term health.

Physical activity implies a healthy diet

Everyone knows that professional athletes and amateurs who want to achieve significant results use a diet other than the average person. Athletes consume larger amounts of calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, sugar and saturated fat than people who do not deal with sport to an advanced degree.

The most common source of protein in both athletes and “ordinary” people is meat and meat products. However, athletes additionally use protein supplements that are not needed by people who do not play sports. In athletes, proteins satisfy about 25% more of the total energy requirement than other people. The biggest difference between the diet of athletes and people leading a sedentary lifestyle concerns the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Well, athletes eat a lot more fruits and vegetables, while other people prefer unhealthy snacks.

Analyzing the composition and properties of bacterial microflora in the intestines, it was noted that eating rich protein promotes the diversity of microorganisms in the gut, which is a very beneficial phenomenon in the context of generally good health. The probiotics and prebiotics, which when introduced into the intestine, colonize the digestive system and maintain a natural harmony among the microorganisms that inhabit our body, fulfill the same beneficial function.

Popular among athletes is the Laminine dietary supplement, which in addition to the unique components regenerating the body at the cellular level, is a great source of easily digestible amino acids and proteins. The preparation is particularly valuable for people who lead an active lifestyle and athletes, because it significantly accelerates recovery after intense training and helps in building muscle mass.

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