How to keep liver health?

The liver is a very important organ without which life is impossible. The liver performs important functions, among others, it secures the bile necessary to dissolve fats during digestion, regulates the glucose level, metabolizes lipids and neutralizes and removes toxins from the body. It is worth taking care of the liver, because liver health is a necessary condition for a long and healthy life. So how do you take care of the liver?

A healthy and strong liver is the only organ that can regenerate. Liver cells are very biologically active.

What is the importance of probiotics for liver health?

Due to the combination of the liver and the intestines, the dependence of intestinal microflora on liver health was examined. For this purpose, a group of 52 people was selected who were diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Some of these people were given dietary supplements containing probiotics and prebiotics. The other people received a placebo. The experiment lasted for six months. After this time, the levels of liver enzymes in the blood were analyzed in both groups, which is correlated with the liver’s health status. Markers of inflammation as well as tumor necrosis factor and degree of liver fibrosis were also examined. The results confirmed that among the people who took placebo, the liver remained unchanged. On the other hand, among people who took supplements of probiotics and prebiotics for half a year and used a balanced diet and physical activity – the results of liver tests confirmed a significant improvement in the health of this organ.

Practical advice on how to improve liver health.

  • Regularly check liver damage markers.
  • Consult your doctor whether the medicines you are taking are safe for the liver.
  • Give up drinking alcohol.
  • Keep your body weight healthy and exercise regularly, because it’s good for good health in general.
  • Use a balanced diet – limit the intake of simple carbohydrates, sugar and unhealthy fats.
  • Do not use publicly available painkillers, especially those containing paracetamol. Prolonged use of such agents may cause liver damage.
  • Use the DIGESTIVE+++ dietary supplement that stimulates colonization of the digestive tract by beneficial bacterial flora, which is the basic condition of liver health. This preparation also contains a full range of fat, protein and carbohydrate degrading enzymes that help in the accurate digestion of food and optimal recovery of nutrients, minerals and vitamins from food. It also contains linseed oil, which is beneficial in the case of inflammation of the intestines and digestive system, and stabilizes the intrinsic mucous membranes of infected intestines.

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