The truth about liver cirrhosis

The liver is one of the largest internal organs, without which life is impossible. The liver is on the right side of the stomach, just below the chest. Functions fulfilled by the liver include digestion of food, energy storage and removal of toxins from the body.

How cleanliness of the environment affects liver health.

In modern times, we live in a polluted environment and we eat unhealthily. As a result, our bodies are saturated with toxins and other synthetic substances that are found in the air, in water and in food. This situation adversely affects the liver, which is overloaded and therefore becomes ill. Bad liver function causes a lot of problems in many other organs – usually it is the result of toxins contamination of the body.

In the prevention and treatment of liver disease, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. As part of leading a healthy life, you should look after the right diet and practice regular physical activity and learn how to manage stress.

Liver cirrhosis is a very serious disease.

The most common cause of liver cirrhosis is alcohol abuse and viral hepatitis. It is believed that the cause of increased risk of liver disease can also be: an unhealthy way of eating, genetic predisposition and high cholesterol.

In the case of diagnosed liver cirrhosis, the situation is much more serious because liver damage is very extensive and difficult to reverse. According to current medical knowledge, liver cirrhosis is an incurable disease. The biggest problem is scarring of liver tissue, as a result of which disruptions in the functioning of many mechanisms in the body arise. These include problems with the elimination of toxins from the body, hormone levels disturbances and digestion abnormalities and obtaining the necessary nutrients.

Liver cirrhosis is a condition in which the liver begins to die. The next stages of the disease are liver failure and liver cancer. Doctors believe that in this situation the only solution is to transplant this organ.

Supporting the treatment of liver cirrhosis.

Fortunately, there are unconventional methods that can lower the risk of liver failure and other complications. The healthy diet is fundamental in this case. The basic step is to eliminate alcohol, simple sugars and artificial food additives. Instead, you need to introduce raw vegetables and fruits and healthy fats into the diet. Some supplements (eg LAMININE) may also help, which increase the body’s ability to regenerate, and whose action is similar to that of stem cells.

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