How to get rid of blackheads from the nose

Anyone who has experienced skin problems knows well what are comedones. They can appear at any age and in almost any part of the body. However, in those places where there is a greater number of sebaceous glands, the skin is more susceptible to blackheads. The face, neck, chest and back are the most exposed places. Increased production of sebum in these areas clogs hair follicles and that’s why blackheads appear.

Of all possible locations, there are undoubtedly the most unpleasant comedones in every part of the face, especially on the nose. The reason is not that they are more painful or greater, but rather the fact that they are more visible. Everyone we meet looks at pimples instead of looking into our eyes. The skin on and around the nose seems to be the most productive area when it comes to blackheads. The area around the nose has the highest concentration of sebaceous glands, so the pores in this region can easily clog. The problem gets worse if you have oily skin. There are many people who do not have comedones on any other part of the body except the nose.

Ways to get rid of comedones from the nose.

Remove dead skin from the nose using a good facial scrub. Moisten your face with warm water, brush your nose and the skin around it with circular movements using your fingers or a soft cotton swab. Regularly doing these easy tasks will help keep your pores clean. Thanks to this, you will limit the formation of new blackheads and remove some blackheads.

Heat the pores on the nose for about ten minutes. You can use a pair of boiled water for this purpose. When the skin of the nose is warm and soft, use a soft sponge or a clean cotton towel to peel off the skin and get rid of blackheads on the nose. Stubborn blackheads can be removed by pressing the skin with your fingernail or tweezers. When the skin is softened and relaxed, the procedure is very easy and completely safe.

If the situation requires a hurry and you are not able to use the above-described methods, then you can buy special blackhead patches at the pharmacy. They work quickly and reliably. They easily remove blackheads on the nose and guarantee smooth skin. Remember, however, that this method does not prevent the problem and does not work on deeper embedded or very small comedones.

If you have oily skin, remember to wash your face frequently. Use a mild soap or clean, warm water to cleanse the face of excess sebum that can clog the pores.

You may be prone to allergic reactions to some make-up products or make-up remover. Observe whether skin irritation occurs after using cosmetics, as skin infections or problems such as blackheads may result. Avoid or stop using these products. It is always easier to prevent than to deal with strongly developed acne.

In some cases, blackheads do not respond to any home methods. In this situation, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist or specialist in skin care.

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