Strength and muscle mass thanks to amino acids

Amino acids are important for the proper functioning of the human body, among others they participate in building muscle mass and muscle strength.

There are conditionally necessary amino acids that are used during intense physical exercise and regeneration after training, during treatment of injuries and during recovery from illness or surgery. In these special conditions, our body needs more amino acids, both those necessary and less important under normal conditions.

If the body is weak or poorly nourished, it does not make enough amino acids necessary to maintain an active lifestyle. Amino acid supplementation can strengthen the strength and increase the muscle mass of people who train intensively or lead an active lifestyle.

LAMININE contains all 22 amino acids and easily digestible protein.

This dietary supplement contains rich proteins and a full range of amino acids, as well as unique growth factors, antioxidants and ingredients strengthening the body’s resistance. They are amino acids in pure, natural and non-synthetic form. The supplement has been additionally strengthened with a naturally occurring simple protein derived from peas and algae, and is an excellent protein supplement.

Supplementation of amino acids and easily assimilable proteins to strengthen muscle strength and improve musculature has been justified in numerous studies. Free amino acids and simple proteins are easily absorbed and quickly enter the bloodstream, especially when the stomach is empty. As part of the experiment, nearly 700 people checked how protein supplementation works. Both advanced and novice individuals took protein supplements about an hour before training and again after about an hour after training, for a period of two months. The results showed an increase in muscle mass and strength, which were checked by measuring the pressure of the leg pressure.

Why does protein delivery during exercise increase muscle mass and strength?

When the amino acids are in the bloodstream and are then delivered to the muscles during exercise, then they attach to the muscle fibers (type I and type II fibers). So, amino acid supplementation helps you achieve better sports results. The test group, which supplemented the amino acid with alanine for 28 days, showed increased performance when cycling measured by time to exhaustion and higher productivity.

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