What is the natural blood sugar level?

Imagine a group of 800 healthy people, each of whom receives exactly the same meals every day for one week. Do you think that all these people will have identical blood sugar levels after the experiment?

A study was carried out that allowed to check what is the body’s reaction, that is, the level of glucose in the blood – for individual people, if they consume the same meals. The study included 800 people aged 18 to 70 years who were not diagnosed with type II diabetes. Each participant of the study was subjected to regular glucose measurements throughout the duration of the study. The results showed a very large variation in blood sugar levels in individuals.

The above-described experience confirmed that if two people eat exactly the same dishes in a restaurant, the blood glucose level in each of these people, after a few hours after eating a meal, will be completely different.

How to normalize blood sugar and maintain body weight at the optimal level?

In Western society over 30% of the adult population shows elevated blood glucose levels. Past experience shows that 70% of these people will develop type II diabetes. If, after examining your blood glucose level, your result is in the upper range of normal, then it is time to take action. If you take care of your health early, then you can manage this situation with a diet, regular physical activity, thoughtful supplementation and proper weight management. This will allow you to avoid many harmful effects that would be inevitable if you ignore the test results. When we age, our lifestyle changes, and the levels of individual hormones in the blood also change. Then, maintaining a normal weight and proper blood sugar requires a bit more care and attention than in the years of youth.

Specialists recommend adding DIGESTIVE+++ to your daily diet. It is a popular dietary supplement that contains, among others, probiotics and prebiotics and its task is to build a maximally beneficial microflora in the intestines. Recent research indicates that the composition of the intestinal microflora is a very important factor that affects many body functions, including metabolism. In addition, this dietary supplement contains a full set of digestive enzymes that facilitate the full and rapid processing of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that we eat in meals.

Over the years, glands that secrete insulin and digestive enzymes may not meet your body’s needs. Thus, supplementation can be an effective way to maintain the efficiency of digestion also in the elderly, when care for the proper level of glucose in the blood is particularly important.

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