Three ways to firm your breasts

There is a widespread view that men like women with big breasts. The truth is that the breasts need not be big, but breasts should be firm. How to make your breasts firm? You can do it yourself!

A free and painless way to enlarge and firm your breasts is to exercise. Specialists have developed many breast enhancement exercises. Exercises focus on the muscles beneath the breasts, which are responsible for maintaining the bust. Strong muscles give the breasts more support. As a result, the breasts do not sag and look larger.

The best exercise is lifting weights while lying down. If you do not have a dumbbell, you can use plastic bottles filled with water. Weights do not have to be heavy because we do not want to get a bodybuilder figure. Start practicing from lying on your back. Then bend your knees while holding your feet on the floor. Holding the dumbbell, stretch your arms to the sides. Now slowly lift your hands upright. Stop for a few seconds and lower to the floor. To make the exercise work, you should do it every other day, repeating three series of 10-15 repetitions.

Another exercise that improves the condition of the breast is push-ups. If the real push-ups are too hard, you can do them on the knees. If this version is too difficult also, do the exercise on the wall. Stand facing the wall at shoulder length. Rest your hands on the wall. Keep the whole body upright. Straight back, straight hips, head stretched up. Then, slowly bend your hands, bringing your face to the wall. Then, slowly straighten your hands, returning to the starting position. This is an excellent exercise for the muscles of the chest and shoulders, and the whole body.

For the next exercise you will need a weights and a chair. Sit on the edge of the chair, straighten your back, arms lowered along your body. Then, slowly raise your arms up to the horizontal position. Hold your arms in this position for a few seconds. Then slowly lower your arms to the starting position. Perform this exercise every other day, repeating three series of 10-15 repetitions.

Exercise is the most natural method that brings great results. The only condition is to watch for systematicity. It is also important to use creams and supplements at the same time. Creams that apply locally, will nourish and tighten the skin of the breast. Supplements will complement the deficiencies of vitamins and micronutrients. The body needs all-round support.

Apply all three methods and the effects will be great.

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