Is hair loss related to age?

Is it true that dense hair is inherited from parents or grandparents? And does alopecia also have genetic causes? This is certainly true. However, genetics does not decide about everything.

It is very important to properly care for your hair. For proper growth, hair needs adequate dosage of micronutrients and nutrients. To keep the hair thick, surround it with care, just as the whole body.

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Excessive hair loss is the first symptom of an impending disease. Moderate hair loss is normal, which will be confirmed by every doctor. Every day we lose about 200 hairs. If we notice that we lose more hair, we should consult a specialist. Your doctor will diagnose what is causing the baldness and suggest the medicinal preparation.

Before baldness appears, it is advisable to act preventively. For example, you can use hair growth pills. Hair loss supplements can be bought online. Currently the best supplement on the market is Follixin, which ranks first. The second most recommended is a preparation called Profolan. These are vitamin formulas that are the result of years of research by scientists. Nourish the scalp and improve the condition of hair. The hair loss stops almost immediately after treatment begins. You have to wait a little longer to get your hair back. It takes more time to thicken the hair and remove the baldness. If you plan to get rid of baldness, plan your treatment for at least a few months.

Fortunately, supplements can be purchased without a prescription. There is no need to go to a pharmacy and ask for remedies for hair growth. Supplements have one more advantage. Work not only on the hair, but on the whole organism. Besides strengthening and compacting your hair, you will gain in general health. It is worth a try!

  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Deepens the natural hair color
  • Nourishes hair follicles and hair bulbs

Natural ingredients protect hair from falling out, graying and dandruff. Regular use makes the hair healthy, strong and dense. It perfectly nourishes the scalp, preventing seborrhoea, dandruff and drying. The recommended daily dose provides all the beneficial ingredients.

2 thoughts on “Is hair loss related to age?

  • 31 July 2021 at 20:30

    I agree with the hypothesis that the health of the hair reflects the overall health of the body as a whole. That is why I believe that it is worth using herbal remedies or natural dietary supplements that have a positive effect on the body as a whole. I like to drink nettle infusion sometimes because I like its taste. It is the same with other herbs. Some are more sweet, some are a bit bitter, and some are spicy. This diversity is magnificent and the body draws from herbs a wonderful power transmitted straight from nature.

  • 4 May 2022 at 12:02

    I use a lot of different products to keep my hair healthy, but I try to choose natural or herbal products. I had heard that baldness was related to age so I was very worried. Fortunately, this article reassured me that this is not always the case!


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