How to take Laminine?

Laminine is a dietary supplement made from natural ingredients, minimally processed. It is a rich, healing food. There is no possibility of overdose with Laminine.

When we mean pills or tablets, we use the term “dosage”. It’s the right word for medicine and medicine. In the case of vitamins and supplements more often referred to as “portion size”. It all boils down to the answer to the question: “How much to take?”.

From the practice of using natural remedies, it is clear that within about four months of the onset of treatment, symptoms of ailments that we treat may occur. These symptoms appear in reverse order to how they occurred during the course of the disease. Reconstruction of the organism at the cellular level is a process and need patience for the effects to be noticeable. In the case of Laminine, most people notice a rising improvement between the first and the twelfth week of use. However, the most noticeable progress is noted about four months after starting Laminine treatment.

It is possible that you will buy Laminine due to degenerative and hip pain, and you will get ailments of untreated digestive problems. You have to accept that your body best knows which disease to be treated first – better than you, your doctor or healer.

Recommended method

LifePharm, the manufacturer of Laminine, recommends taking 2 capsules twice a day for 15 days to “top up” the body and then 1 capsule twice a day for another 15 days. For optimal performance, you must observe your body’s response. If you take one capsule a day, you notice that your sleep is deeper, calmer, and your overall well-being is better – the second month is enough to be one pack per month. If your body tells you it needs two capsules a day – listen to it! Then the cure will bring results. In the case of severe illnesses, many people take 4-5 capsules twice a day and only after that dose experience improvement. It is very important to observe your body’s reactions and adjust dosage accordingly.

If you want a noticeable improvement to occur in less time, then you can use the scheme: three capsules twice a day for several days and then two capsules twice a day.

The alternative way to take Laminine in FIRST MONTH is: two capsules twice a day for three weeks and then one week break. During the “rest” week, many people experience recurrent ailments related to their illnesses. This is a good sign of the progressing cleansing and regeneration process.


The first portion of Laminine should be taken immediately after waking up and the other about 12 hours later. After swallowing every dose, we should drink a glass of clean, healthy water. In half an hour nothing to eat. You can drink water, black coffee or tea with stevia. Do not eat any protein or carbohydrates for 30 minutes. The best action will be when we take Laminine on an empty stomach and allow for about thirty minutes all the ingredients have absorbed. Sugar, honey, milk, cream etc. eaten at that time would interfere with the excellent balance of amino acids contained in Laminine and reduce its effectiveness.

Afternoon dose at interval of about 12 hours. At least 2 hours after the meal and minimum half an hour before the next meal.

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  • 3 March 2021 at 21:37

    In my experience, official dosage recommendations are usually very understated for dietary supplements. The same is the case with Laminine. Two or four capsules a day is far too little to improve autoimmune diseases. I have had asthma and food allergies for nearly 30 years. My dosing schedule is that sometimes I take two capsules a day because feel like I can’t take no capsule more, and sometimes I take as much as 10 capsules a day. I simply listen to my intuition. The effect is that after two years it turned out that most of my allergies went away and my asthma is also much lighter.


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